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The Australian Natural Nanny Network

Holistic care for your child.

A professional nanny placement agency and community for families who parent differently.

We bring together professional nannies and families who do family life outside the box. Whether you’re a passionate baby wearer, same sex couple, follower of Rudolf Steiner’s philosophies, vegan or choosing to homeschool, we respect and support you to raise your children as you choose.

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“Melissa has a deep passion for life and people. She is very insightful and this and her intuitive nature make a perfect combination for connecting people.”

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Melissa will help you find a fulfilling role with a family that shares similar values and approach to parenting and education as you, so that you can expand your tribe!

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Have every confidence in Melissa to find the perfect nanny for your family. She recognises what a big deal it is to entrust your child with a nanny.

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Intake 4 times per year

Live online training with Melissa

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1:1 coaching for the Holistic parent provides the opportunity to deepen your capacity to meet the needs of your children in a constantly moving and shifting world.

Find a nanny or family that’s right for you

If you’re a parent looking for a nanny or a nanny seeking employment, ANNN can give you expert guidance and will do its very best to organise a perfectly matched nanny or position for you.

We listen and get to know you. You will feel reassured and supported throughout the process. Our wraparound service includes regular Skype check-ins, the opportunity to make contact and keep updated via our Facebook page and optional one-on-one sessions with me (Melissa Hughes, Director). As part of your membership you will also have access to information on parenting, courses and resources. All are created or selected for those who favour a natural, gentle and holistic approach to parenting and education.

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Become part of our community

There is a whole network of people on your wavelength just waiting to connect with you.

Australian Nanny Network (ANNN) gives you access to other parents, nannies and carers who support one another in their journey. We are open-minded and want to work together to raise a generation of individuals who are emotionally intelligent, socially conscious, self-responsible and able to lead fulfilling lives. Find out more about the ANNN Community.

What does natural, gentle or holistic parenting actually mean?

For example, we may carry our babies close in a sling or a wrap for the benefit of the babies’ development. Children spend more time in nature and less time on screens. They love exploring and getting muddy! We give them food that is nourishing, supports the body’s functioning and immune system, and is as natural as possible. We support and encourage them to express emotions in a healthy way. We foster a respectful approach to discipline that can we referred to as positive discipline as well as discipline through play. We focus on nurturing the whole child. These are just some of the practices and concepts our families and nannies may use in raising children.

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Find a perfect match for you!

If you’re looking for a nanny or family who match your Holistic values, you've come to the right place! We are PASSIONATE about raising and educating children in a way that is Holistic, empowering and connected! We will do our very best to find you a nanny or family matching your values and approach as a parent or nanny.