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A professional nanny training centre for care givers who value a Holistic approach

We train career nannies to become providers of high quality care. Our approach follows philosophies embedded in Holistic and Natural parenting and childcare.

We place a high value on raising children with deep self-awareness, since children learn from who we are BEING not what we tell them. We discuss a gentle approach to discipline and boundaries, healthy conflict resolution, and supporting children’s with big emotions in a way that instills healthy EQ.

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There are few people you meet in your life doing what they were born to be doing but Mel is the perfect example of creating a business from her passion, sharing her amazing knowledge and wisdom around what best supports kids to flourish.”

Find the course that’s right for you

If you’re a career nanny looking to upskill what you offer, our training will give you a competitve edge in a fast growing industry!

As many families choose to exit the traditional childcare setting, the demand for a private nanny continues to grow. We offer you a firm foundation to operate from, alloing you to ensure you build an extensive client basis, working with clients who share your values!

Our gentle parenting approach is becoming an ever increasing desire from like-minded alternative families. Be ready to service this growing need with a competitive skillset! 

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Become part of our community

There is a whole network of people on your wavelength just waiting to connect with you.

Australian Nanny Network (ANNN) gives you access to other parents, nannies and carers who support one another in their journey. We are open-minded and want to work together to raise a generation of individuals who are emotionally intelligent, socially conscious, self-responsible and able to lead fulfilling lives. Find out more about the ANNN Community.

What does natural, gentle or holistic parenting actually mean?

For example, we may carry our babies close in a sling or a wrap for the benefit of the babies’ development. Children spend more time in nature and less time on screens. They love exploring and getting muddy! We give them food that is nourishing, supports the body’s functioning and immune system, and is as natural as possible. We support and encourage them to express emotions in a healthy way. We foster a respectful approach to discipline that can we referred to as positive discipline as well as discipline through play. We focus on nurturing the whole child. These are just some of the practices and concepts our families and nannies may use in raising children.

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