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I’m Melissa Hughes

The founder and director of the Australian Natural Nanny Network (ANNN).

My approach to raising, educating and engaging children has been shaped by more than 15 years’ experience as a classroom teacher, nanny, children’s coach and natural learning facilitator. It is also the result of years of self-discovery, learning and uncovering what supports children and what doesn’t.

I am passionate about creating a nurturing, safe and dynamic space where children feel empowered and thrive. Throughout my work, I have watched how children flourish when they can access their inner resources, problem-solve, stand their ground in tricky situations and communicate their needs effectively and with confidence.

I strongly believe that ‘it takes a village’. We do so much better if we feel supported and encouraged in our parenting and caregiving. This is why I offer my coaching and training programs to career nannies and Holistic mummas!

Smilling face of Mellisa Hughes

“I have established the ANNN to deliver a nanny training service to equip career nannies with the tools required to offer a Holistic approach to childcare and Early Childhood development.”

The ANNN offers the following services:

  • Natural Nanny Training for the career nanny. We specialise in a Holistic approach to childcare. Job placement also available pending availability.


  • 1:1 coaching for the Holistic mumma. We empower you to make the choices that feel best for you and your family.
Smilling face of Mellisa Hughes

” Working with Mel gave me the accountability I needed to change, and the achievable personalised steps to get me there. Her coaching program is seriously AMAZING! “

We focus on working with families and nannies who share parenting philosophies centred on children’s empowerment. Examples of what ANNN considers to be part of holistic parenting philosophies include attachment parenting, child-led learning and mindful parenting. There are many more.

About the ANNN Natural Nanny Training program

I take the time to personally  



“Melissa has a gift for working with children and a heartfelt personal philosophy that comes through in the warm, caring, compassionate and well informed way she is with children and families.”

About the ANNN Community

When you become a member of ANNN as a parent, guardian or nanny via our programs, you are free to enjoy regular content in our Facebook group. This is a place where we share knowledge, ideas and let you know about ANNN’s special offers. You’ll have access to cutting edge resources in the form of articles, websites, courses and discussions.