Looking for a nanny who shares your holistic approach to parenting.

I, Melissa Hughes, know how important it is for you to know your nanny supports your parenting style and ‘gels’ with your child and family.

As a teacher, nanny and aunt, I have been both carer and caregiver. This enables me to see the childcare role from both perspectives and successfully match nannies with families.

Whether you’re looking for a full-time or part-time nanny, ‘mother’s help’, or sole care, I can help. The task of finding the right nanny for your child might seem daunting but I make it straightforward by introducing you to suitable candidates, advising on pay rates and what to expect from your nanny, helping with paper work and more.

“Love the network. It suited our family and our values perfectly. Melissa is a wealth of information and incredibly helpful. Highly recommend.”

Steps to finding the right nanny for you

  • Contact me and then fill in our application form. The form provides us with initial information on your childcare needs, what’s important to you in a nanny (experience, approach, values etc.) and as a family (for example, dietary preferences, children’s access to internet, your views on raising children etc.).
  • We meet or have a Skype chat to get to know you and your child better, what you seek in a nanny, more about your approach to parenting and so on. If you haven’t engaged a nanny before, we can answer any questions you may have and familiarise you with your obligations.
  • I match you with a nanny who will also have completed the application process including video interview and reference checks. I take many factors into account when selecting a nanny for you. We place high priority on ensuring your children are looked after by a nanny with the right experience for the role (number of children, their ages, special needs etc.) and with views and values that align with yours.
  • Preparing you to meet the nanny. I can guide you as to what to ask the prospective nanny, negotiating the hourly rate, how to navigate setting a trial period and more.
  • I liaise with both you and the nanny after the interview to see how it went and whether you think you’re a good match for each other.
  • If you both feel you’d like to proceed, you meet and negotiate terms of employment. I can help with contracts or be involved in these negotiations if you wish (there may be a charge for these extra services).
  • Ongoing support and community. Your membership of ANNN covers Skype check-ins as required to ensure you’re happy with your nanny and to share celebrations and challenges. It also entitles you become a member of the ANNN Community. You’ll be able to visit and message me on our Facebook page where you can access resources and keep informed of ANNN’s special offers and activities.
  • We rematch you with a new nanny if circumstances change. This is included in your monthly membership contribution.
  • I offer a consultation service for parents and guardians for an additional fee. During one-on-one zoom sessions, I can offer you support with issues such as how to work most effectively with your nanny, how to ensure longevity in the working relationship, and how to integrate your new tribe member to the benefit of everyone involved.


1:1 coaching for the Holistic parent

I offer an 8 week program to support in meeting your parenting goals and desires

Work with me either 1:1 or as a team to dive into finding solutions to your current challenges!

We work through an 8 week program with set topics yet tailored to your specific challenges and family needs.

In 15 years of working closely with hundreds of families and thousands of children, I have gained deep insight to what supports children to thrive. And what constitutes a happy, healthy home.

I would so love to support you in getting clarity around what that looks like for your family, and how to make it reality!

Book in for a FREE 15 minute connection call to find out if my program is right for you and your family: 

2020 Holistic Parenting Summit:

7 speakers

5 nights

7 topics

LIVE panel discussion

Tips, tools and inspiration

All recorded for your viewing pleasure

The ENTIRE SUMMIT is available for purchase, for just US$28


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Find a perfect match for you!

If you’re looking for a nanny or family who match your Holistic values, you’ve come to the right place! We are PASSIONATE about raising and educating children in a way that is Holistic, empowering and connected! We will do our very best to find you a nanny or family matching your values and approach as a parent or nanny.