Looking for parenting support with a holistic approach to parenting?

I, Melissa Hughes, know how important it is for you to raise your chidren in a way that feels right to you.

As a teacher, nanny and aunt, I have been both carer and caregiver. This enables me to see the role of raising and educating children from both perspectives.

 In my 20 years’ working with children, I have come to a deep understanding about what makes them thrive. My uniquely Holistic approach takes into consideration the whole child, placing them at the center. My focus is on seeing children as leaders in their growth and development, whilst the adults in their life become a guide.


“Love Mels’ coaching program! It suited my family and our values perfectly. Melissa is a wealth of information and incredibly helpful. Highly recommend.”

 How to work with me:

  •  1:1 clarity call to get clear on your parenting goals (1 hour session)
  •  Purchase my online Holistic Parenting Package (over 20 hours worth of content!)
  • 6 week 1:1 coaching program for mummas (Weekly calls and support)