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Join other like minded career nannies enrolling in our Natural Nanny courses crafted specifically for a gentle approach to childcare.

“This course has REFUELLED me in my MISSION of Holistic childcare. I am feeling re-inspired to continue on my path. Thank you Melissa! Thank you ANNN !”

Looking for a course to support your professional growth? You are at the right place

If your views align with the Australian Natural Nanny Network’s philosophies, this could well be the place to spread your wings and expand your nanny career.

I specialise in training career nannies to become expert Holistic caregivers.

Land work where your professional and Holistic approach will be highly valued!


PREMIUM nanny training

The ANNN premium 8 week training is now available to work at your own pace

  • Interview, job preparation + finding your ideal clients
  • Getting clear on your values + non-negotiables
  • Your role as a nanny + what you offer
  • Boundaries, autonomy + navigating conflict
  • And more

Weekly Q+A PLUS live calls

Guest speakers

Certificate of completion


 WHY complete this training?


  • A Holistic approach to nannying is an area that is GROWING in demand, all over the world.
  • This training is a great opportunity to upskill in this area, in order to effectively meet this growing demand and offer a point of difference in a competitive industry.
  • This training is now included when nannies sign up to the ANNN Network!!